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Gatherings and Bible Schools

Christadelphian Young people ages 17 (or baptized) and up
"Return of the Exiles"
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Bro. Neville Clarke, Australia: "Minor Characters of the Gospels"
Bro. Tec Morgan, UK: Adults "Powerful Points from Prison"/ Teens "Romans: The Gospel of Salvation"
Bro. David Wisnieski, Canada Adults "Yahweh Will Roar from Zion"/ Teens "Elijh's Preparation"
Idyllwild Bible School: July 21st- July 27th, 2013
Idylwild California
Bro. Mar Allfee, U.K.
Bro. Ron Cowie, Australia
Bro. Joseph Palmer, USA
Western Bible School: July 28th - Aug. 3rd, 2013
Corbett, Oregon
Bro. John Popple, US: "Solomon and Delilah...The Mystery of Solomon's Song of Songs."
Bro. Karam Ram, UK: "The Serman on the Mount"
Bro. Dyron Hamlin, US: "The Big Picture...Faith-Boosting Evidence for the Why of All Things"
Vancouver Island Bible Camp: Aug. 24th - Aug 30th, 2013
Bro. Jim Styles: Adults "Traning to become equal to the Angels"/ Teens "James: Becoming Doers for the Word"
Bro. David Green: Adults "The spirit of the Lord"/ Teens "How small is your God?"
Bro. James Harper: "Adults "Meditations on the Ministry of our Lord"/ Teens "What would you do?"